Thursday, October 15, 2009

U2 Concert

In a word: AMAZING!

Truly the best concert I have ever been to.

11 things I learned at the U2 concert:

1. U2's music will stand on its own regardless of time and place.
2. 5 dollar Aquafina tastes the same as regular Aquafina.
3. Standing on your feet for over 5 hours will render your feet very painful.
4. You can text during the entire opening act and no one will care.
5. Women over 50 should not wear tube tops.
6. Texting to someone standing next to you really IS the best way to communicate!
7. Larry Mullen Jr. is not only a good muscian, but lets be honest, He's HOT
8. Bono will never go out of style.
9. I am old .
10. It takes about 2.5 days to get my hearing back.
11. Sweating out 5 lbs durin a concert...well worth the effort.

It was hot and loud and crowded and sweaty and tiring and amazing and incredible and I would do it again this weekend! I loved it.